Client Services - Asset Management


Commerce Street Realty Advisor’s (CSRA’s) Asset Management Services has two primary functions: preserve what you have; and, enhance what we can. This service provides an affordable means to assure owners, investors and lenders that their asset’s care has been closely scrutinized from a global perspective, physically and economically.

Asset Management Services are significant for commercial and residential holdings; vacant and improved. These services are most notably:

  • Prepare Physical Inspection and Needs Assessment Reports.
  • Solicit bids, negotiate contracts and manage capital improvement projects.
  • Solicit, negotiate and manage Requests for Proposals on sales and leasing assignments
  • Produce performance audits for Property Management and Brokerage Services
  • Provide transaction coordination.
  • Procure and preserve entitlements and/or project permits.
  • Provide Stormwater Monitoring and Reporting for the Dept. of Ecology’s NPDES permits.
  • Prepare real estate tax appeals.
  • Acquire Lease Estoppel Certificates
  • Conduct pre-foreclosure assessments of borrowers and their non-performing assets.
  • Negotiate work-out, restructuring and/or deed-in-lieu options with borrowers.
  • Arrange property security when appropriate.

Our collaborative effort will allow you to make informed decisions on the best options available to achieve your desired results. For more information on obtaining an Asset Management proposal, please contact: