Client Services - Development


Successfully developing real estate requires better synchronicity than ballet. And a good developer is one who can orchestrate a team of dependable resources in a manner that utilizes time and money efficiently, while continuously monitoring how each variant impacts the economics of a project. CSRA works in concert with a multitude of specialists to navigate the ever-changing terrain associated with the pre-development and permitting process. These are formidable tasks that require the utmost diplomacy, competency, and patience. It is a significant event when you have received a set of approved construction drawings and begin the bidding process. Consequently, selecting the right contractor for the job is imperative. Regardless of whether a project is land development, multifamily or a commercial structure, CSRA has the resources to identify qualified and experienced contractors to prepare competitive bids. Recommendations are provided based upon a thorough due diligence of a contractor's historic performance on similar projects, financial solvency, insurability, and the qualifications of their proposed build-team. Always remember, when evaluating bids for any contract, selecting the low-bidder does not necessarily mean that bidder will cost less. Because there are ways to over-bill for unit-priced items, or changes outside the scope of an original contract, there must be a high level of confidence in the integrity of the bidders. They must consider their reputation in the industry as their most important asset, as CSRA does.